May the brush be with you !

We colour it, we straighten it, we tie it up… We don’t give our hair much of a break! To look after it properly, giving it a good brush is essential. But do you have the right tools? Here are all of our tips to help you find the perfect brush to transform your locks into a magical mane. The shelves are packed with a range of different brushes. To find the brush you’ve been waiting for, first you have to look at your hair type.

You have thin hair

Go for a boar-bristle paddle brush, which is kind to your hair and brings back its shine. This brush allows you to untangle your hair in the most gentle way. For a fabulous blow-dry, use a ceramic round brush. Beautiful, smooth curls, guaranteed!

You have thick hair

A nylon-bristle brush is best for untangling your type of hair. These bristles travel deep into your hair and groom you perfectly.

If you have curly hair

Brushing curly hair is a delicate operation – in fact, with the wrong brush, you will damage your curls and they will lose their bounce over time. Therefore, we recommend that you go for wide tooth brushes or combs to avoid destroying your curly locks. You can also use cushion brushes designed for curly hair.

For other hair types 

Go for a dual-bristle brush, designed for all hair types, allowing you to untangle even the most unruly hair whilst making it shine! You really get 2 brushes in 1!

The perfect straight look

How do you like to blow-dry your hair? To meet all of your blow-dry needs, you need to choose the right brush. Are you more of a smooth blow-dry fan, and a lover of poker straight hair? If so, we recommend that you go for a paddle brush.

If you prefer a soft, curly blow-dry, the round brush is perfect. Choose the size of your brush according to the length of your hair:

  • or short to mid-length hair, we recommend using a brush with a diameter (bristles included) between 30 and 40mm.

  •   for mid-length to long hair, the ideal diameter is between 40 and 60mm.

  • for long to very long hair, go for a brush with a diameter greater than 60mm.

Don’t forget to put on a special heat protection product before you start your blow-dry to avoid damaging your hair. And your hair will be shiny and sleek!